Optimising viewings

Preparing your property for sale can take some time, so it is best that you begin the moment you decide it is time to sell.

Start by removing any clutter from your home. This will not only make it more presentable, but can make your eventual moving process less stressful too. It is also advisable to finish any outstanding DIY tasks you may have, and consider redecorating and touching up any chipped paintwork.

Before the viewing

First impressions can be critical, so ensure that your house number is clearly visible, clean the windows and make sure that the doorbell is in working order. Giving your home a thorough clean is also advisable. Professionally cleaned carpets can make a difference and you should dust, polish and vacuum throughout. As well as a clean and well maintained property, buyers will be assessing the following aspects of your home:

During the viewing 

Viewings vary in length, depending on a number of factors. Talk to your agent about whether you should be in the property for the viewing. It is sometimes preferable for you and other residents to not be present. Open days can take a couple of hours so extra provisions for pet and child care may be required. 

If you are remaining present, greet the party at the door, tell them that you are happy to answer any questions, then leave them while the estate agent shows them around. If you are not going to be present for the viewing, ensure your estate agent can contact you if any questions arise that cannot be answered. 

If your estate agent has recommended that you are present for the viewing, allow prospective buyers to walk into each room ahead of you to give them a better feel for the space. 

Always be honest whenever answering prospective buyers’ questions, as any misleading information given is likely to be exposed later if an offer is made. Have your Energy Performance Certificate to hand, along with any other information you feel may be relevant. 

After the viewing

Once the viewing party has left, make a few notes to remind yourself later which prospective buyer was which. Later that day, speak to the estate agent who may have been able to gauge their level of interest, and may also be able to provide feedback that will help improve any future viewings.

Other considerations

Your estate agent will manage the viewings, so if somebody knocks on the door having seen the 'For Sale' sign, it is recommended that you put them in touch with the estate agent to arrange a formal viewing.

The estate agent will remain with the viewing party throughout, but it is still advisable to tidy away any valuable belongings.

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