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Buying and selling property in London takes knowledge and expertise. Londonwide Conveyancing (LWC) is a panel of more than 20 independent London law firms, with specialist property solicitors and conveyancers handpicked for their proactive approach and expertise in the dynamic London property market.

The service is managed and coordinated by our dedicated support team who make sure clients are placed with the right solicitor and provide ongoing support throughout the conveyancing process.

Every year, we help thousands of Londoners successfully buy and sell property by connecting them with the right expert property solicitor. The success of LWC is down to minimising the time it takes to reach exchange of contracts (the point at which the sale or purchase becomes legally binding). We achieve this through our exceptional relationships with our panel solicitors and the KFH branch network.

Need to extend your lease?

The lease extension process can be challenging and requires the right specialist advice. Ensuring that you have a long lease on your property is the best way to protect your asset. Get in touch with our dedicated team of professionals that can assist with extending your residential lease.

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Our specialist property solicitors will handle all the legal aspects of buying or selling a property for you, as well as making the process smooth and stress free.

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