The selling process

  1. 1

    Arrange a property valuation

    Before selling your property, you will need to understand its current market value. A property valuation will provide a guide price for putting your property on the market.

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    Selecting and appointing an estate agent

    Finding an experienced estate agent with expertise in your area will help you sell your property. The right estate agent will be able to provide useful advice throughout the process. They will be skilled in negotiating and will have the means to market your property to the right audience.

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    Instructing a property solicitor

    A property solicitor, or conveyancer, undertakes the necessary specialised legal work required during the property selling process. Appointing a property solicitor at the point you put your property on the market can significantly speed up the process and reduce some of the stress.

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    What documents are required?

    When selling a property there are a number of documents that will need to be in order.

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    Marketing your property

    There are a number of ways to find prospective buyers for your home, and your estate agent can advise you on the approach that is most suitable for your property. Having a strong marketing strategy is key to ensuring your home is seen by the right buyers.

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    Optimising viewings

    Preparing your property for sale can take some time, so it is best you begin the moment you decide it is time to sell. It is also advisable to finish any outstanding DIY tasks you may have, and consider redecorating and touching up any chipped paintwork.

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    Negotiating and considering offers

    Once an offer has been made, your estate agent will carry out checks on the buyer and then inform you both verbally and in writing of the details. Whether or not you accept an offer is your decision, but your estate agent will be able to give you guidance on whether they feel there is an opportunity to negotiate.

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    Agreeing the sale, exchanging contracts and completing

    When an offer is accepted, a memorandum of sale is usually issued to set out the details of the transaction and to declare both parties’ intent to complete the transaction.

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    Ensuring the sale goes smoothly

    There are several steps you can take to help the sales process move along smoothly and without delay.

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