Updating a communal energy centre

With many blocks having been built in the 1930s, 60s or 70s, energy centres or boiler rooms age and can become very inefficient. Typically located in the middle of an estate, aging communal pipework can result in increasing heat loss and spiralling bills.

Our team at KFH have a long track record of over 40 years of addressing these often complex problems.

Remedies of course include boiler repairs but can also necessitate boiler replacement (work that generally is scheduled in the summer and requires temporary replacement solutions while it is undertaken), the replacement of pipework, or the installation of independent or communal boilers.

Correct operation and maintenance are essential to ensure the network can continue to deliver heat and hot water for its full lifespan. Quality control systems are vital to ensure leaks and bursts do not happen and minimise disruption to end users.

We have a robust process in place when we take on an energy centre which ensures the required due diligence is carried out and setup is in place and compliant and offer an unrivalled service, when it comes to operating and maintaining energy centres. We manage over 75 plant rooms and energy centres across London.

KFH have managed and undertaken the replacement of ageing heating and hot water boilers located in our property in a cost effective and strategic phasing programme. The programme has been a success and for the benefit of all owners.

Paul Dover
Marble Arch Apartments

As standard we maintain each energy centre in accordance with the Standard Maintenance Specification for Building Services published by the Heating, Ventilation and Contractors Association, and in line with all relative legislative requirements. We are proud to manage our energy centres in line with The Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK (CP1), which has been produced as a joint project between Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and the Association for Decentralised Energy. It offers a blueprint for heat network development and management.

If you want to find out more about how we undertake and manage repairs to energy centres and boiler rooms under our management please email newblockenquiry@kfh.co.uk or call 020 3542 0147

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