Common parts refurbishment and external repairs

Being able to report repairs quickly and easily is important to customers and is a key part of providing well maintained rental and leasehold properties.

Obviously, it is important that when undertaking any such works you get the best advice and the best possible value.  In the last 40 years, we have undertaken hundreds of projects for clients and have a proven track record of delivery.

Responsibilities for refurbishment are contained within the lease, such as the structure and exterior of a property as well as the internal features, extending to the common parts of a building too, for example, entrance halls, stairs and lifts.

External refurbishment includes works to any external parts of the fabric of the building that will likely include repairs to items such as roof coverings, guttering and water pipes, brickwork, joinery, plumbing, balconies, external staircases, landscaping and fencing.

Common Parts Refurbishment’s are often undertaken to upgrade the appearance of the common parts to an original building’s design. They can be straightforward redecoration-only schemes, or they may also include elements such as replacement floor coverings. Refurbishment will often include the maintenance and repair of existing structures as well as modernisation, replacement or changes such as introducing a level access arrangement.

Complex internal and external redecoration of this high end development was carried out, planned and implemented in line with the budget set and successfully supervised by KFH.

Des McRow
Royal Quarter

It is the case that these projects are therefore more complex as clients may decide to take the opportunity to undertake modernisation and/or compliance works to not only improve the aesthetic of the common parts but also bring the building up to current building relegation standards.

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