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What are the obligations of a tenant?

Tenants and landlords both have rights and obligations. Some are set out explicitly in the tenancy agreement, others are legal obligations. Some of the main things to be aware of are reporting repairing or maintenace issues, use of the property and giving access to the landlord. 

  • Property repairs
    A tenant must use the property in what’s called “a tenant like manner” meaning that the tenant will be responsible for any property repairs that are the fault of the tenant. The tenant is responsible for keeping the landlord's fixtures and fittings in good condition and must not make alterations to the property without the landlord's express consent. Tenants must pay for anything they break or damage in the property during the tenancy and isn't due to fair wear and tear. If the tenant does not pay for this at the time the landlord can deduct the cost from the tenancy deposit.
  • Use of the property
    A tenant must use the property solely for residential purposes, not to run a business of any kind, as this may put the landlord in breach of local bye laws as well as mortgage and insurance terms.  
  • Property access for the landlord
    The landlord will need to visit from time to time to carry out repairs and safety checks, and to check that the building is in good condition. A tenant should allow the landlord property access but the landlord must always let the tenants know first. The landlord will have a set of keys to the property but they should never use these without the tenant’s consent, except in an emergency. 

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