Short let guide for tenants

A short let is a property that can be rented from a couple of weeks up to six months. Short lets offer a short term accommodation solution that can be more cost effective and flexible than staying in a hotel or serviced apartment.

Why consider a short let?

  • You are temporarily relocating for business
  • You are relocating for a new job
  • You are a contract worker required to work in different locations
  • You are visiting relatives for an extended period
  • You are attending a training course, business or sporting event
  • You are visiting from overseas either on a short or medium term visa
  • Your main primary property is having work done to it
  • You are awaiting completion on a house sale or purchase
  • You want a taste of London life, without committing to a long term rental or purchase

A higher level of privacy and a degree of permanence can be achieved by opting for a short let property over a hotel. Our property search tool will help you find up to date short let property listings in your chosen area.

Benefits of a short let

  • Simplicity - minimal paperwork required, ready furnished
  • Flexibility - choice of contract length, up to six months
  • Cost-effectiveness - more economical than a hotel
  • Inclusive of utility bills - (excluding phone and internet)
  • Privacy - same level as being in your primary property
  • Space - ability to spread out and cater for guests

Is a short let right for you?

A short let should provide you with the facilities you need in order to go about your daily life for the duration of your stay. Looking at the surrounding area before deciding on a property will help ensure you are best situated for your needs.

Other points to consider

  • Proximity to place of employment/education
  • Transport links
  • Dental and medical practices, and hospitals
  • Parks
  • Gyms
  • Supermarkets and shops
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Places of worship
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants

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