Bungee Jumping for London Youth

9th August, 2022

On Sunday 9 August, Morgan Burke (Change of Sharer Administrator) took on the thrilling challenge of partaking in a 160 ft bungee jump for London Youth. 

The jump took place in Battersea Park, where Morgan was joined by Kirsty Burke (KFH Lettings Renewals Assistant Manager and Morgan's sister!), who saw her sibling bravely jump from a cage that was lifted up by a crane.

Morgan commented, "I took the 160-foot bungee plunge in Battersea Park and luckily the cord didn't lead me into the river! It was such a rush and I'm glad I was supported by Kirsty on the day. It was a great way to raise money for London Youth and I would highly recommend it to any other KFH thrill seekers!"

So far, Morgan has surpassed her target and raised £410 for London Youth, but it is not too late to donate here.