Short and sweet

Whether you’re a landlord looking to rent out your home for a limited time, or a tenant who needs a temporary residential stop gap, a short term let is your flexible friend.

30 April, 2024

Thanks to the robust London tourist industry, the staycation boom, the growing trend for working from home (or anywhere you like), and the rise in professionals relocating, the market for short lets in London is thriving. Navigating the short lets landscape yourself can be a bewildering process, but KFH Residential Lettings and KFH Corporate and Relocation Services offer a wealth of advice and support to make the process a painless one.

Why a short let?

A short let allows a property to be rented out for a period of between a few weeks and six months, so it’s ideal for landlords and tenants who don’t want the commitment of a 12-month contract.

Tenants looking for a short term let might be prospective buyers looking to get a feel for an area, they might need a place to stay while they’re in London for a work contract or event, they might have a short term visa, or they could be between house purchases or long-term tenancies. The beauty of a short term let is that both parties can negotiate on a weekly or monthly basis rather than committing to an extended period.

‘For landlords, short term lets offer the advantage of securing a higher rental rate,’ says Lettings Director of KFH Southfields Jay Aoun. ‘They are particularly beneficial for landlords looking to sell their property, providing them with an income stream instead of leaving the property vacant. Homeowners planning a long holiday can also benefit by short letting their property to generate income.’

He thinks a short let is a simpler solution for tenants seeking a temporary home-from-home. ‘They are especially advantageous for business professionals on short term assignments, offering a more cost effective and comfortable solution compared to staying in a hotel.

A short let is also perfect for families visiting relatives in London for periods ranging from one to three months. From a landlord’s perspective, short lets are ideal for individuals undergoing house renovations or facing insurance works. And London’s iconic sporting events are a draw too. The famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships are a magnet for fans and ticket holders seeking a short term base in the Southfields area.’

Short and sweet - Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

The benefits of using KFH Residential Lettings services

Jay also stresses that short term lets are convenient and hassle-free, with less paperwork involved and all the utility bills (apart from phone and broadband) included in the rent.

For tenants, KFH Residential Lettings can take the stress out of the short lets pain points. No more scouring the small ads for places to stay as KFH has an extensive network of over 60 branches across London and a host of quality properties on its books. And no need to negotiate the legalities and contracts, as it’s all handled by a dedicated lettings representative.

For added convenience, the property is nearly always furnished and ready for the tenant to move in with just a suitcase. For landlords, KFH Residential Lettings makes everything as smooth as possible by managing the vetting process and all the practicalities of renting out, as well as advising on some of the trickier details.

Short and sweet - Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

We work with over 300 relocation agents who have contracts with blue chip companies like BP, Santander and GSK.

Relocation, relocation

With a team dedicated to relocating private individuals and corporate employees, KFH Corporate and Relocation Services provides assistance to international and local businesses looking to place professionals, diplomats and graduates into a London property for a short work or study stint. They even have a dedicated China desk and multilingual members of the team who can bridge the language gap.

As well as liaising with a vast contact list of relocation agents who take care of the logistics, Head of Corporate Services Sherard James will work with human resources professionals to make the rental process as straightforward, streamlined and stress-free as possible. Clients get the pick of KFH’s full reach of rental properties across London as well as extensive expertise, knowledge and guidance in UK legislation, negotiations and contracts. 

‘We work with over 300 relocation agents who have contracts with blue chip companies like BP, Santander and GSK,’ says Sherard. ‘They do the actual relocation part, and they provide us with a client brief before we find them suitable options and schedule viewings with the field consultant. Then we have corporate clients that we have direct relationships with – like the NHS and a lot of housing management companies. I will take a client’s requirements and search the entirety of our database before providing them with options.’

Short and sweet - Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

‘We get specific requests from clients,’ he says. ‘For example, families looking to relocate in the short term are looking for things like a farmers’ market and a high street filled with independent shops and cafés. So for them, areas like Queen’s Park, Hampstead, Highgate and Muswell Hill are at the top of the list. A lot of families request green spaces and good schools, and areas like Chiswick cater to those needs. Whereas if you’re under 30, Clapham is the popular place to live.

Many clients who want a stress-free stay in London are interested in an apartment in one of our managed blocks for their sheer number of luxury services and features and their lack of maintenance issues.’

KFH’s Corporate and Relocation team takes the legwork out of the usual property search. ‘You don’t have to go through the rigmarole of going to multiple different branches and repeating a list of requirements every time,’ says Sherard. Communication is key, and we’re always there as a bridge between the client and the branch to offer advice whenever they need it, every step of the way.’

How to get your home ready for a short let

Make sure the fundamental services are all in good working order and that your property is in a smart, decorative condition, ready for a tenant to move in.

  • First impressions count, so spruce up the exterior.
  • Check that anything that compromises safety - like a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector - is in sound working condition.
  • Keep furnishings simple but comfortable and free of personal clutter, and put your belongings into storage.
  • Make sure there is plenty of free storage and hanging space.
  • Provide all the basics needed for everyday life, including cooking utensils, cutlery, dinnerware and cleaning products.
  • Invest in a professional deep clean, so the property is sparkling and welcoming.
  • The tenant will expect anything that breaks down - like the fridge, cooker or heating - to be fixed quickly. Make sure you have a list of trusted trades people you can rely on.
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Short and sweet - Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

What to look out for before renting

Of course, as a tenant, you expect certain standards in the property you’re moving in to, but there’s that equally important matter of what a London neighbourhood has to offer.

  • Consider the proximity of the postcode to a company HQ or college.
  • Does the area have good transport links?
  • Is the property in your desired school catchment area?
  • Are there leisure facilities, like a library, park and gym?
  • Do you want a high street thriving with shops, cafés and a buzzy social life? Or do you prefer a slower, urban village pace of life with a welcoming community spirit?
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Short and sweet - Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

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