World Menopause Day

20th October, 2022

At KFH, we are committed to taking meaningful steps to promote positive wellbeing. To mark World Menopause Day this week, we have launched our Menopause and Hormonal Changes Policy which aims to explain the support available to our staff whilst raising awareness of menopause related issues in the workplace.  
We spoke to Kelly Wicks, Technical Director at KFH, who is committed to assisting the growth of our work around menopause and will act as a sponsor to demonstrate senior level commitment and support for future initiatives:

"Until we experience it for ourselves most of us associate menopause with hot flushes and being irrationally bad tempered with people who chew too loudly! Rarely would you find anyone fully aware of the potential onslaught of both physical and psychological symptoms, of which there are at least 33 categories, all of which can be attributed to perimenopause and menopause.
Every person's journey is different and whilst one may sail through with only minor changes, another will suffer daily with a myriad of symptoms that can be debilitating. My own personal journey started about 18 months ago and I was not prepared at all, so I started to read and educate myself to better understand what is happening to me.
I read an article recently which said that menopausal women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the workforce. If that is the case, then it makes sense to me that we should consider how we can support those experiencing menopause, however they may identify, by recognising the impact that this biological event can have on their ability to function, personally and professionally.
Let us not forget, that when somebody is experiencing the most severe symptoms oftentimes their partner, family, friends, and work colleagues will be suffering the effects too. Therefore knowledge, understanding and support from the business is vital and this is why I am passionate about championing this cause for KFH."