Lloyd Noblett travels to Poland with donations

31st May, 2022

Last week Lloyd Noblett, Southfields Sales Branch Director, embarked on a 1100-mile drive to Poland to drop off essential supplies to those who have been affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Joined by local Southfields father, John Silvester, the pair visited two orphanages and dropped off toiletries, clothes, toys and baby items which they collected through donations over the last few months.

Lloyd commented, "Being a new dad, I have been so affected by the agonising hardship that people and families are experiencing in Ukraine and even once they reach relative safety across the border. I couldn't just stand there and not try to help. 

"I would like to thank everyone who supported John and I in what was a very humbling and, at times, emotional journey. We were able to supply: 

  • 2400 toilet rolls

  • 8000 bottles of water

  • 1200 nappies

  • 1000 cans of tinned food

  • 11 children's bikes 

  • 4 scooters 

  • 1 unicorn piggy bank!

  • Lots and lots of stationery and colouring books

  • An uncountable amount of clothing

"After travelling over 2000 miles, crossing through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Poland, we have been able to strike relationships with key contacts at these orphanages. This means we can now learn specifically what they need: educational material, summer clothing, activity books, and shoes.

"With the leftover funds we have raised, we have already sent over a large package. We will continue to raise further funds to send these children what they need, so that they can live a more comfortable life during this horrendous ordeal."

Lloyd and John have recently arrived back in the UK, but it is not too late to support them financially. Click here to donate to their JustGiving page.