Career success stories - Siân Floyd

17th April, 2024

Having always worked in retail management, Siân Floyd only delved into the office world just under two years ago when she joined KFH. Since then she has grown from strength to strength, and was awarded with a promotion at the start of the year.

Below she discusses her career so far and looks forward to the future.

My journey with KFH began in late 2022 when I joined the Client Services team. With 14 years of experience in various retail management roles, transitioning into an office setting was a pretty significant change for me! While the world of estate agency had never crossed my mind before, I entered the role with an eagerness to learn and adapt.

A major aspect of my role involves close collaboration with our branches, particularly within the south west region. At Client Services, we are almost extended members of the branch teams, and it’s rewarding to be able to meaningfully contribute and get to celebrate in their successes. I also have the privilege of working and collaborating with an extraordinary group of colleagues in the Client Service team - individuals who truly embody kindness, talent, and unwavering hard work. Their presence has not only enriched my experience within KFH but has also led to friendships outside of the office.

This year, I had the fortune of achieving a significant milestone, a promotion to Senior Client Service Consultant. I am grateful to my manager, Andrew Goddard, for his support and guidance in helping me grow into the role. This advancement represents a significant next step in my career journey, allowing me to take on increased responsibilities. I'm also proud to have broken a client services sales valuation record during my tenure – I believe it's a testament to the strong relationships I've built and the results-driven approach I bring to every interaction.

Looking ahead, I can honestly say I am excited to continue growing and evolving within KFH. Having already experienced the enriching transition from retail to the KFH Client Services team, I'm looking forward to seeing where this path leads me next!

Siân collaborates with our southwest region on a daily basis