Career success stories - Nazan Gungor

17th May, 2024

Nazan Gungor works in our IT team as a business analyst, but hasn't always worked in head office. From starting out as a Saturday assistant in Lee, to working for four years as a branch coordinator, below she discusses her journey...

Nazan Gungor.png

Following the birth of my daughter, I decided to take a career break from my post as a business analyst at a previous company to spend valuable time being a mum, which had its challenges but was very gratifying. My career was always a big part of my life, so it wasn't long before I decided to seek opportunities. I knew finding the right job was never going to be easy, so in 2019 I decided to ease my way back to work with a part time post.

This is when I came across a rare opportunity for a Saturday position in the Lee branch at KFH. I had never worked for an estate agent before, but loved everything about properties, so this was a good opportunity to undertake. Following a successful interview I started my KFH journey as a Saturday temp. As my experience and knowledge grew, my passion for the company grew and I decided to apply for a permanent position as a branch coordinator. My application was successful, and I worked in both Lee and Blackheath. My four years of supporting the branches with day to day operations inspired me to progress further within KFH, as I knew this was the company for me.

In 2023, I applied for the application support analyst role in head office, and landed a position back in the world of IT, supporting our in-house applications. I have a degree in IT, so returning to my roots was exciting and something very close to my heart. My passion, enthusiasm and commitment in this role were widely acknowledged and I later landed a position of business analyst, where I am currently working on a transformation project. Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward truly recognises talent and growth by valuing each of its employees, my experience here has been very rewarding, working alongside fantastic people.

Nazan spent four years as a branch coordinator in Blackheath and Lee before moving to head office