Career Stories - Danielle King

25th May, 2021

Danielle King, Lettings Administration Manager, has had a long, exciting career at KFH. Below she discusses her progression and how her mentors and the Talent Development helped shape her career.

​"My first role at KFH was as a Saturday person in the Peckham branch in February 2003. I then took a full time role as their branch administrator which I continued to do for seven years. I absolutely loved it. 

When the role of Lettings Regional Senior Administrator was introduced, I was extremely lucky, not only to be considered but to be successful in getting that role. I was petrified of the unknown. It was a new role and I felt like I had a lot to do to make sure I was able to keep hold of it. The Regional Lettings Director, Penny Guest and then Sarah Mitchell, both encouraged me to grow and pushed me to always achieve the best. I was part of the South East team and had the drive and ambition for us to excel in every aspect of the business.

I have managed a great, small team of people for a couple of years now.  Initially, I had the basic skill set to do it successfully but, since completing the Management Development Programme, I have felt more confident in my approach and I have learned the importance of using different skillsets for different people.

Part of my role has also meant that I need to deliver compliance training to all new starters, which can be a very daunting task. The Talent Development team has helped me overcome my fear of presenting and shown me techniques to help me get the best out of the new starters and for them to get the best out of me.

I have worked at KFH for over 17 years now. The best part about my job is the people I get to work with. They are what make the harder times easy, and why I love doing what I do."