Preparing for moving day

The day you move house is likely to be a busy one, but you can make the process less stressful with good preparation. If you have grown attached to your home over many years, the move can also be quite emotional, but following our advice will help you plan and manage the day.

Planning when to move

As soon as you know the date of the move, book a removal company – if you are going to be using one – and if necessary, arrange for children and pets to be looked after.

You will need to decide whether to move on a week day or at the weekend and may choose to book some time off work, both for the move and to settle into your new home.

In an ideal situation you will have an overlap so you do not have to move out of your old home and into your new one on the same day. Having the luxury of moving over the course of a few days can make things easier each end and provides a good opportunity to decorate or clean your new home while it is still empty.

Before the move

There is a lot to think about when moving home. The more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be. There are some things you can get started on earlier in the process, such as sorting through your belongings. Other considerations, like booking a removal company, will need to wait until you have a moving date agreed. Prior to the move, you will need to:

Find a property

Need a valuation?

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