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Homebuyer's survey and valuation

We are fully experienced with handling different types of property surveys available to buyers and investors.

There are two main types of structural survey available for those buying a property: a Homebuyer's Report or a Residential Building Survey.

A homebuyer's survey and valuation report is an investigation carried out when you are buying a property. This is a more in depth survey than a mortgage valuation, but is still an economical way of learning about a property's condition and value.

Our surveyor will look at all reasonably accessible areas of the building and provide the following:

  • An opinion of the property's general condition, current market value and future sale prospects
  • Identification of any items or issues which require attention and/or may affect the value now or in the future
  • A list of matters with probable/possible legal implications which should be referred to your solicitor/conveyancer
  • Advice on maintenance and safety issues
  • Details of matters to be investigated further or acted upon prior to legal commitment to purchase

Residential building survey

A building survey (formerly a structural survey) is the most detailed property inspection available.

The main difference between a homebuyer's report and a residential building survey is that the residential building survey takes a more in depth look at the property's construction and condition.

A building survey provide more detail about:

  • Any major problems with the building
  • The general condition of reasonably accessible internal and external parts of the building
  • The roof structure
  • Any suspected problems like timber infestation or damp that might need specialist advice
  • Boundaries, grounds and outbuildings
  • Consequences of any problems discovered during the inspection

It also includes the overall impression of services like water supply and drainage (testing these services is not included). A building survey can be tailored to your needs including major conversion or renovation.

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