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Pooches with fancy barnets Gaga style and victory rolls à la Vera Lynn for the ladies, it’s all in a day’s work for two of London’s professional prettifiers.


Groom Dog City, 9 Ravenscroft Street, London E2

As long as it doesn’t harm the dog, I’ll do it,’ says Stuart Simons, owner and head groomer at Groom Dog City in Bethnal Green. ‘I gave a chihuahua a pink mohican recently, to match the owner’s hair!’

Until recently, dog grooming meant a quick wash and brush for short coated mutts, or a ‘breed standard’ cut for dogs like the Kerry blue or American cocker spaniel, whose coats require regular care. Now, though, the US craze for ‘creative grooming’, a cut and colour that can temporarily transform a dog into a lion, sheep, cartoon character or even Lady Gaga, is hitting our shores, and doggy parlours across the Capital are getting ready. ‘You need a dog with the right sort of coat,’ says Stuart. ‘Like Ralph, my standard poodle, or a bichon frise. With that sort of dog you can have anything you like. You can even get nail varnish for animals now.’

So why are our best friends becoming our accessories? ‘If you have a dog that needs to be clipped anyway, why not have some fun with it?’ says Stuart.


The Powder Room, 34 Marshall Street, London W1

‘Kate Moss has a lot to answer for,’ Dominika, the pink uniformed Powderpuff Girl who’s tending to my ‘up do’, remarks, in reference to the supermodel’s ‘bed hair’ look. The Powder Room exists to promote concepts of beauty from more glamorous eras, tapping into the trend for all things retro since it opened three years ago. With its mirrors surrounded by theatre style lightbulbs and big pots of cream, the salon evokes a 1950s dressing room, inspiring visitors to succumb to the role of screen goddess, at least for an evening.

From the lookbook of eight styles, I had chosen the Vera: ‘victory rolls’, as epitomised by Vera Lynn, a look that has been popular at London’s regular Blitz parties. Other available styles include the Audrey, based on Hepburn’s French roll from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Veronica: sexy waves à la Veronica Lake. Dominika reaches for the hairspray, which is used in copious quantities for my ‘speedy hairdo’ (£20).



The most nails filed and varnished in eight hours was 1,897 by students at the London College of Beauty Therapy, May 2010

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Words: Melissa Harrison, Anna Norman. Photography: David Yeo

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